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Dr Liz Goodburn and Professor Wendy Graham made a joint visit to Myanmar in January 2019 in support of the partnership with WaterAid Myanmar and Jhpiego for the Australian Government funded Water for Women (WfW) Project: Supporting Safer Births in Myanmar.

During their visit they supported a demonstration of the TEACH CLEAN package. Myanmar based Soapbox-WaterAid Project Officer, Dr Thinn Myat Mon, had acquired all the materials for the Clean Boxes locally while the Aberdeen team provided copies of the new illustrated cleaning procedure posters. A video produced by Soapbox set the scene and then Professor Graham outlined the key features of the TEACH CLEAN Package. She highlighted experiences of implementing TEACH CLEAN in other countries including the recent programme in Tanzania which had focussed on country adaptation and Training of Trainers. The overview was followed by a demonstration and group practice of hand washing, led by Dr Thinn Myat Mon, using both the GlowTorch system and the Starch/Betadine system which has been used in Myanmar and could form part of the local adaptation. Prof Graham then demonstrated cleaning of a blood spill following the visual prompts on the posters. She also highlighted the pros and cons of different mop types, this led to her subsequently being referred to as Professor Mop de Bucket!  Dr Goodburn and the WaterAid Health Co-ordinator Dr So Pyay Naing performed a role play demonstrating the difference between unsupportive and supportive supervision. Dr Goodburn played the part of the cleaner and realised afterwards that in real life she would probably have been dismissed for being too argumentative!  All in all the day was a great experience and a wonderful opportunity for mutual learning and engagement.