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The Partnership for Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health (PMNCH) has recently released 12 country case studies in a new series which offer examples of what works, as well as the challenges involved in collaborating across sectors for health and sustainable development. 

Soapbox’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Wendy Graham is the lead author on the editorial and synthesis article highlighting the studies which is now featured on the BMJ. The studies pursue the aims of the 17th Sustainable Development Goal- strengthening global partnerships by shedding light on what works and why, and on how to address the challenges of collaborating across sectors.

Listening and sharing collaboratively will inspire dialogue and collective learning, political interest, and further research of problems still to be solved. Hear more from Professor Graham as she discusses what can be learned from these case studies. Also, make sure to catch the live stream from the Partners Forum in New Dehli below.