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infection prevention

On Friday 20th July Soapbox were delighted to be invited to speak at NHS Grampian’s Monitoring of Cleaning Services Public Involvement Group at Summerfield House.

Members of the public are involved in a range of ways to support NHS Grampian’s infection prevention and control activities (IPC). Public representatives with an interest in environmental cleanliness are trained and supported to undertake cleaning monitoring visits throughout healthcare locations in Grampian. Each public representatives gives a couple of hours of their time each month to take part in the monitoring programme and the group meets formally twice a year. Public representatives have the option to suggest guest speakers who are passionate about IPC to attend each meeting so Soapbox’s Operations Manager Emma Morrison was very happy to be invited along to share our work.

Emma shared Soapbox’s lessons on supporting improvements in IPC to reduce healthcare-associated infections in mothers and babies delivered in hospitals in low-income countries. It was a great opportunity to discuss our Training in Environmental Hygiene And Cleaning in Healthcare package, ‘TEACH-CLEAN’, which provides participatory training for cleaning staff in maternity units.

Thanks to the group for the very warm welcome, it was a pleasure to be able to share our work with you.