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As part of their Healthy Start Campaign, WaterAid hosted a Webinar on Friday 5th May, coinciding with International Day of the Midwife and Hand Hygiene Day. The Health Start campaign focuses on improving the health and nutrition of newborns and children through integrating and advocating for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH).

The webinar had a great number of participants logging in from all over the world from policy makers to healthcare professionals. WHO’s Arabella Hayter was on hand to give an overview of the topic and WHO/UNICEF WASH in healthcare facilities work. Soapbox then presented on the cleaners training package and the pilot in the Gambia to give a practical example of integrating WASH in to health facilities. Finally, Dr Shams Syed, the coordinator of the WHO Universal Health Coverage and Quality Unit discussed a new initiative called the Global Learning Labs and situated this work in the wider agenda of achieving Universal Health Coverage. Soapbox was delighted to have been invited to participate in this successful event and look forward to seeing more from the Healthy Start campaign as it continues to progress.