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PLos ONE: Who Delivers without Water?

Hygiene during childbirth is essential to the health of mothers and newborns, irrespective of where birth takes place. This paper investigates the status of water and sanitation in both the home and facility childbirth environments, and for whom and where this is a more significant problem. Gon G, Restrepo-Méndez MC, Campbell OMR, Barros AJD, Woodd […]

PubMed: The contribution of unimproved water and toilet facilities to pregnancy-related mortality in Afghanistan: analysis of the Afghan Mortality Survey.

Two widely recognised public health problems in low- and middle-income countries drive our research: reducing maternal mortality and improving access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation facilities, embedded, respectively, in the Millennium Development Goals 5a and 7c. Large improvements have been achieved in the past decade regarding both. Yet, in 2010, there still were […]