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Claire Kilpatrick

We are delighted to welcome Claire Kilpatrick to the Soapbox family! Claire has worked with the World Health Organisation (WHO) on infection prevention and control (IPC) and patient safety since 2008, and has also undertaken consultancies for a range of other organisations including government ministries.

For WHO she has directed the social marketing behaviour change campaign SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands, and has been integral to the development of guidance and implementation tools (hand hygiene, core components for IPC, surgical site infection prevention, injection safety). She has also held a number of other positions including working at national level in public health on development and implementation of policies, healthcare improvement strategies, national campaigning and outbreak management (at Health Protection Scotland).

Claire is a graduate of the University of Glasgow, is currently studying for a PhD. She feels privileged to be part of a large number of key scientific publications and to have won paper of the year in 2017 (Journal of Research in Nursing) as well as a number of communication and innovation awards. She is also highly active on social media promoting IPC!

Collaborating with Soapbox means Claire has the opportunity to enhance the great work already underway to now successfully roll out the Training in Environmental Hygiene and Cleaning in Healthcare (TEACH-CLEAN) package. She will also contribute to the existing work on overcrowding and the relationship with water, sanitation and hygiene and antimicrobial resistance. Using her skills in networking and successful collaborations she aims to reach out to new and existing audiences to promote Soapbox’s priority topics.

Claire is looking forward to new challenges and the stimulation of combining her existing experiences in IPC and strengthening of health systems and service delivery with a new focus on broader aspects of hygiene improvement in health care facilities as well as safer birth projects in countries like Myanmar. She is looking forward to meeting many new people, the best part of the job!

Make sure you find Claire on Twitter at @claireekt and @safesafersafest and follow her today!