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We are sad to announce that Soapbox Senior Programmes Officer and extraordinaire, Suzanne Cross is leaving Soapbox for new pastures!

Suzanne has been with Soapbox from our very beginnings in 2012. As Soapbox settled into its stride over the following years, Suzanne has worked on projects which have impacted maternal health practice and infection prevention across the world.

Her early work in Bangladesh and India on the WASH & CLEAN project identified a common problem affecting maternity unit cleanliness across countries – the absence of formal, systematic training of cleaners in infection prevention and control. This project led onto the development of a toolkit for assessing hygiene in maternity units which has been used in locations such as Malawi and Zanzibar, Tanzania.

These results evolved into Suzanne’s later work on the development of the TEACH-CLEAN package which was designed to address the lack of formal cleaners training in health facilities in many low- and middle-income countries. Suzanne’s visit to the Gambia in 2016 in collaboration with Horizons Gambia to pilot the package opened doors for its use in other countries such as Cameroon and India. Her work since then has developed and improved this package, including the introduction of illustrated guidelines to combat low-literacy amongst domestic staff.

Alongside her programmes work, Suzanne has had a crucial impact on the communications and ‘voice’ of Soapbox, leading the way on how we communicate with various stakeholders and the public on our website and social media channels.

Throughout the years Suzanne has been a constant positive force within the team and a pleasure to know and work with.  We are proud not only to call her a colleague and a mentor, but an inspiring friend.  Suzanne will be greatly missed in the office but we wish her all the best in her new adventures!