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Soapbox has carried out a number of surveys in the countries in which we work to identify the main barriers to good infection prevention and cleanliness in the maternity units.

One of the main things that the surveys revealed was that cleaning staff very rarely receive proper training. This has an impact on the standards of cleanliness and hygiene of maternity units and also on staff members themselves as they lack the knowledge and skills needed to protect themselves from harm.

Many of these staff members have low levels of education and difficulties in reading and writing. Because of this, training needs to be hands-on and participatory. At Soapbox we tried to identify whether any such training exists but failed to find anything suitable. We concluded that we would have to develop the training package ourselves and after consulting with international and NHS guidelines, we developed a participatory training package with information and materials required to equip trainers to deliver participatory training to low-literate cleaning staff. The training has been piloted in the Gambia and since used in India and Cameroon.

Since its development the package has had different titles, none of which have really stuck and all of which have been far too long! E.g. the Basic Healthcare Infection Prevention and Environmental Hygiene Training Package or Health Facility Participatory Training in Basic Environmental Hygiene.

This is where you come in! We need to find an acronym or two or three words to provide a clear understanding of what the training is, but without being too wordy. As an example, a popular acronym used in our field is WASH, which is widely known to refer to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

TO ENTER: Keeping in mind the above description, generate a title for this new training package. Ideally, the title would include ‘environmental hygiene (or) cleaning’, ‘(participatory/practical) training’, and ‘health facilities’, or phrases to that effect.  The winning suggestion will receive a £20 Amazon voucher! Comment on our Facebook post with your suggestion or email joanna@soapboxcollaborative.org.

Closing date: 1st June