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Victoria Kinkaid

My name is Victoria, and I am studying a Masters in Global Health and Management at the University of Aberdeen. I am a medical student, taking a year out after 4th year to do this course, and will be going back to medicine to complete my final year in August.

At the moment, I am undertaking my second semester of my masters course, and for one of my modules I was given the opportunity to undertake a “work based placement”. I was lucky enough to be selected to work with Soapbox, and am currently in my 8th week of the placement. The module requires us to undertake a piece of research which would provide mutual benefit to the charity and our own learning. My piece of research is “Overcrowding on Maternity Wards in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs)” and I am privileged to have Professor Graham as my project supervisor. I find the topic so interesting and have become very passionate about it. There currently is a shocking lack of both research and information on the extent of overcrowding in maternity wards in LMICs, which is affecting maternal and newborn outcomes. The project I am currently working on is exploring how to measure and define overcrowding.

This project has opened many doors for me; my masters dissertation will be on the topic and my 5th year elective will be also. This ability to continue working with Soapbox on a piece of research of which I have become so passionate and engrossed in is incredibly unique, and we are lucky to have this opportunity on this course.

Working in the Soapbox office has been a great experience. I come in every Tuesday for the day, and share an office with two other Masters of Global Health students, which has been a delight, especially as we are all working on such diverse topics and can bounce ideas off each other. The office is friendly and welcoming, and everyone have been so accommodating and helpful. Overall, my time at Soapbox so far has been thoroughly enjoyable, and I look forward to working with them again next semester.

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