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WASH in delivery rooms

As we have reported previously, Soapbox has been involved in the WHO/UNICEF WASH in Healthcare Facilities Monitoring Task Team’s work on the development of ‘core’ survey indicators on for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in the delivery room.

As part of this work, Soapbox was specifically tasked with developing indicators on delivery room environmental cleanliness. Following the webinar we reported on back in October last year, we revised the indicators, with input from WaterAid, and sent an updated version to the Task Team for review and piloting.

Last month we received written comments and feedback from a number of reviewers and had a call with Arabella Hayter from WHO and other stakeholders including Lindsay Denny from Emory University and Pavani Ram from USAID. During the call, the indicators were discussed in detail and we received important feedback on the piloting of the indicators in a small number of facilities. Based on this information, the indicators have gone through another round of revisions by Soapbox, with valuable input from WaterAid.

We have now gone through several cycles of review and revision which has strengthened the indicators and we are confident they will combine to produce an important snapshot of WASH in the delivery room. We look forward to the next round of feedback and moving closer towards the goal of integrating the questions into national survey instruments.