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Timur Valiev

My name is Timur. I graduated from Tver State Medical University in the Russian Federation. Now I study a Masters Programme entitled “Global Health and Management” at the University of Aberdeen. In the frame of this programme I have a separate course, “Work-Based Placement with Health and Development Sector Organisation”, where I began to perform a project with The Soapbox Collaborative.

Our project theme is a Community of Practice which is a group of people who share a common concern, set of problems, or interest in a topic.

With supervisors Ms Suzanne Cross and Dr Heather May Morgan we discussed the strategy of conducting this project. A literature search will create a base for critical analysis of existing Communities of Practice (CoP). At the end of the course we will identify barriers & facilitators, and create suggestions for engaging potential CoP stakeholders, promoting the CoP and so on.

Soapbox are now proposing to establish an online Community of Practice to enable sharing of their training package, as well as resources developed by others. Soapbox are interested in creating a Cleaner’s CoP to facilitate online exchange of information, knowledge and resources and improve collaboration, coordination and cooperation of stakeholders working in the area.

In my view, work in the prevention field of healthcare is the most promising. However, to promote it, cooperation between professionals is crucial. This placement allows me to get acquainted with networks which have prevention direction. Even in the first weeks I began to understand the importance and meaning of CoPs more. This placement offers the possibility to master skills in conducting policy and literature reviews with deep analysis, which is very important. No doubt, this experience will help my professional development.

As for settings of work, the other students and I were met politely and kindly by the staff. We were invited to the Soapbox meeting to better understand their comprehensive work. We were shown our dedicated student office and due to it, our work is going to be in comfortable conditions. Staff are always ready to help with any of our questions.

We look forward to continuing our work and I believe it will benefit both us and Soapbox.

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