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Scotland’s International Development Alliance (SIDA) is hosting a training event in Aberdeen on Tuesday 21st November on project planning and monitoring and evaluation processes. SIDA is a “network that unites the international development sector in Scotland to promote effectiveness, influence the policy agenda and strengthen the contribution of Scottish organisations to reducing inequality and poverty worldwide.” To date, SIDA has over 120 members from NGOs to companies and individuals, working in over 143 countries in a range of areas.

The workshop, run by Judith Lowes, an independent charity and social enterprise consultant, will focus on grant application and project development. In addition to getting the opportunity to attend the workshop, Soapbox has had the honour of being asked to speak at the event to give an overview of our work and talk about the power of partnerships.

We look forward to attending the event on Tuesday and meeting other members of the Alliance.

Find out more about the event here.