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Over three weeks this free online course explores the state of maternal health globally, based on The Lancet Maternal Health Series. You will review the latest evidence from experts, and learn what is needed to ensure good-quality, woman-centred maternal health care for all from Soapbox’s very own Professor Wendy Graham. 

The Lancet Maternal Health Series: Global Research & Evidence will present a range of maternal health experts and evidence across disciplines including epidemiology, health systems, economics, advocacy, programming, obstetrics and midwifery. Using videos, articles, mini-lectures and discussions, the course will ask:

  • What is the state of the world’s maternal health and health care?;
  • What is quality maternal health care, including ‘too little, too late’ and ‘too much, too soon’?
  • What is the future of maternal health?

Who should enrol?

The course is suitable for those considering or undertaking postgraduate study in maternal health or a related topic such as public health, global health or medicine. It covers content from high-, middle- and low-income settings, but students and researchers from low- or middle-income countries, where the burden of poor maternal health is largest, are particularly welcome.

Starts 23 October 2017

REGISTER NOW: http://bit.ly/FLmaternalhealth

The Lancet Maternal Health Series

Every woman, every newborn, everywhere has the right to good quality care. This is the guiding message of The Lancet Maternal Health Series, published in September 2016. The six papers of the Series synthesise the last decade of evidence on maternal health worldwide and champion vital action on the path to 2030.

The Series shines a light on the causes, trends, and prospects for maternal health in the current era of rapid demographic, epidemiological, and socioeconomic transition. It analyses experiences of the past 25 years, and exposes the growing threat to progress caused by poor quality care and inequity of access.

It concludes with a five-point agenda for change: good quality care for every woman, every newborn, everywhere; equity through Universal Health Coverage; health system resilience, strength and responsiveness; sustainable financing for maternal and newborn health; and better evidence, advocacy, and accountability for progress.

To read more about the Series, visit: www.maternalhealthseries.org

For more information, please email lancetmaternal@lshtm.ac.uk