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Organised by the Infection Prevention Society, the conference brought together infection prevention and control professionals from around the UK and internationally to share and debate best practice, research and discuss issues from across the infection prevention field.

Soapbox presented a poster at this year’s conference which summarises work undertaken in collaboration with our partners Horizons Trust Gambia and the Epidemiology & Disease Control Unit, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare to address the gap in training for low-literate domestic services staff in low-income countries and describes the pilot of the participatory training package in The Gambia in 2016.

View the poster here: IPS Poster

The conference attracted some very interesting speakers, with some thought-provoking topics. A real highlight of the conference was the debate:

‘This house believes all 5 moments of hand hygiene are equally important and need to be given the same amount of attention”.

For the motion was Professor Didier Pittet (External Programme Lead, WHO First Global Patient Safety Challenge: Clean Care is Safer Care) and against the motion was Professor Michael A. Borg (Department of Infection Prevention and Control at Mater Dei Hospital, Malta). The motion was defeated, with 70% of attendees agreeing with Professor Borg!