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The WHO/UNICEF WASH in Healthcare Facilities Monitoring Task Team is in the process of developing a set of ‘core’ survey indicators for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in the delivery room. The first draft of the indicators was discussed at a meeting in Geneva in July. During the meeting it was recognised that, along with the first four indicators on basic water supply, sanitation, hygiene provisions, and waste management, it was also critical to capture information on environmental cleanliness. Given Soapbox’s focus on both maternal health and environmental cleanliness and our background in needs assessment/survey development, we offered to develop a 5th core indicator in this area.

On Tuesday 10th October, we joined a webinar to share updates of this work and discuss next steps. An overview of the core indicators was provided with Soapbox presenting on the environmental cleaning indicators. A discussion followed around the indicators, their focus and wording, and methodological issues. Updates were provided on current monitoring activities and opportunities to pilot the delivery room indicators from others in the task team who represent a range of international organisations, NGOs and academic institutions.

Next steps involve finalising the indicators based on feedback from the rest of the task team and revising them for application in the health facility general service area.

We are delighted to have been able to contribute to such important work on developing global indicators to monitor basic standards and look forward to continuing to work together with the rest of the task team on their development.