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The 2017 Water and Health Conference: Where Sciences Meets Policy will take place from October 16th-20th in Chapel Hill. Organised by the Water Institute at the University of North Carolina (UNC), the event will focus on the themes of climate resilience, WASH and gender, drinking water safety, addressing disparities in WASH, WASH in non-household settings and ‘from evidence to action’.

Soapbox has had the honour of being invited to speak on two side panels at the event and Soapboxer Dr Sandra Virgo will be attending on behalf of the team. The first panel is titled WASH for Maternal and Neonatal Health: Behaviors, Birth Kits, and Indicators where Sandra will be sharing the Soapbox’s experience working with clean birth kits and their impact on hand hygiene during labour and delivery in Zanzibar. At the second panel, Moving WASH in Healthcare Facilities from Assessment to Action: What are the Solutions? Sandra will be discussing the participatory training package Soapbox developed for low-literate health facility cleaning staff.

The conference provides an excellent opportunity not only to share our own work, but to hear about the work of others, to network, and to build collaborations between organisations and institutes working towards similar goals.

Find out how we got on in Sandra’s blog.