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A new paper led by Soapboxer Giorgia Gon focussing on hand, cord and birth-surface hygiene in Zanzibar maternity units has recently been published in Health Policy and Planning.

Only 50% of births in Zanzibar occur in health facilities. Efforts in the last decade have reduced the maternal mortality ratio from 473 per 100 000 live births in 2006 to a ratio of 310 in 2013 but there is still work to be done to continue this reduction. The aim of the government to encourage all women to deliver in facilities emphasizes the importance of making hygiene in maternity units a priority , ensuring infections are prevented.

The paper addresses various factors within maternity units that contribute to improving basic hygiene and reducing puerperal and newborn sepsis including knowledge, infrastructure, staffing levels, and policies. Results are presented according to the WHO ‘cleans’ framework which focuses on the basic requirements for maternal and newborn infection prevention. The same approach has potential to lend itself to collection and analyses of data on infection prevention from maternity units in other contexts.

The full paper can be access here.

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