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Izzuddin is a University of Aberdeen medical student who visited Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital in Ethiopia earlier this year. In his previous post, he told us about his arrival in Bahir Dar. Read on to find out about  his experience at Felege Hiwot…

Experience of Working Within FHRH

When conducting my project, the hospital staffs (interns, midwives, registrars, consultants and nurses) were extremely supportive and helpful. I couldn’t thank them enough. The labour ward was always full- healthcare professionals running after gloves or syringes, mothers on the floor waiting to receive care as all the beds were occupied, medical and nursing students congesting the hallways seeking opportunities to learn from their bedside teaching.

It was not easy for me so I could only imagine how challenging it was for my fellow colleagues and friends in Ethiopia facing this on day-to-day basis. One thing which amazed me was the level of dedication and positivity despite the circumstances. Almost every morning I received a wonderful smile and positive words of wisdom that had made my experience so meaningful. Everyone that I met was so hopeful to see things improving in the hospital and they were all undeniably working hard towards that goal.

Bahir Dar was an experience that has taught me many things about medicine and life. In many ways it has reaffirmed to me that the reality of the world we are living in is challenging – more for some than others. There are many things that we might take for granted without realising that for others, they are privileges. I hope the outcome of my audit has helped the labour ward in taking a step towards improvement even in the smallest way possible.

Above: Izzuddin presenting his work at Felege Hiwot. 

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