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Time Flies

I can hardly believe it’s been 4 months since my arrival back in Bahir Dar, but as the saying goes: ‘Time flies when you’re having fun’. Since my last blog, the past 3 months have been busy occupied with training.

We had the Lifebox team visit – Lifebox is an NGO devoted to safer surgery in low-resource countries – and provide training to over 40 anaesthetists from Bahir Dar and nearby Debre Tabor, followed by around 70 anaesthetists in Gondar. Bahir Dar University facilitated the donation of 140 pulse oximeters by Lifebox, an essential piece of monitoring for use during anaesthesia, surgery and recovery. Next was the SAFE Paediatrics Anaesthesia course in Addis where I was joined by a faculty from USA, Europe and Kenya and we trained around 10 trainers and 40 participants on aspects of paediatric anaesthesia. I’ve also delivered lectures to Bahir Dar University (BDU) BSc Anaesthesia students and midwifery students.


In between training and lectures I prepared guidelines for anaesthesia and anaesthesia emergencies and visited one of Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital’s (FHRH) cluster hospitals to perform anaesthesia needs assessment, followed by some training for their ICU and recovery nurses, and have recently been assisting with developments at BDU new teaching hospital and developing the MSc Anaesthesia curriculum.

We have also had 3 of our Aberdeen students in Bahir Dar during this time – Anna, Iyabo and Izzuddin – who have all completed projects in the maternity unit, and there are currently 3 students from Bristol University undertaking projects here following discussions with our previous students.

The coming month will keep me occupied – in a few weeks we will welcome a visit from NHS Grampian to focus on maintenance and further development of the Aberdeen-FHRH partnership, then it’s the Ethiopian Anaesthesia Association conference and further pulse oximetry training in Mekele, where I will again be joined by trainers from Bahir Dar.

Although it’s been a busy few month and time really has flown by, I’ve been able to spend my time here with special people whom I consider not only colleagues but dear friends and family, and grown ever closer to this city that I’ve come to know as my second home.

Dr Jolene Moore is a Consultant Anaesthetist in Aberdeen, who has been heavily involved with establishing the partnership with Bahir Dar, Ethiopia. On this, her 6th visit to Ethiopia, she has been in Bahir Dar for the past 4 months supporting activities at Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, Bahir Dar University and the regional Safe Surgery initiative. She has recently commenced post as Assistant Professor of Anaesthesiology at Bahir Dar University.

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