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Soapbox’s Senior Programmes Officer has recently returned from a trip to Nepal, attending the WASH in Healthcare Facilities (HCFs) Global Learning Event (GLE) hosted by WHO and UNICEF. The GLE focused on ‘action’ and provided an opportunity for participants, at all levels, to share experiences and solutions and jointly problem-solve barriers to WASH in HCFs.

The three-days were filled with technical sessions, presentations and working groups, and sharing of case studies. We were provided with many opportunities to network with a diverse range of stakeholders from NGOs to Ministries of Health and country representatives from Afghanistan to Zambia.

Soapbox presented on the pilot of the cleaners training package which took place in the Gambia last year. There was a great deal of interest in the training and it was positive to see so many stakeholders recognise the important role cleaners have to play in infection prevention to ensure healthcare environments are clean and safe.

It was encouraging to see how Soapbox’s work fits in to the larger picture of WASH in HCFs and how much maternal and newborn health was highlighted as an area of special concern. Soapbox was delighted to have been part of such a successful event bringing together so many key players and look forward to working together in the future to improve WASH in healthcare facilities and work towards clean safe care at birth for all women and newborns.