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Training the Trainers

The next step following the adaptation of the training manual was to deliver the training to selected participants from four focus facilities who would in turn, deliver training to their cleaning staff. Two ‘trainers’ from each facility were selected to attend the ‘Training the Trainers’ course. Trainers were public health officers, registered nurses and midwives, and community health nurse midwives.

Each day of the five-day training followed a similar programme – registration, recap from the previous day, and training in selected modules. Each module was delivered in a similar format and included group work, practical demonstrations, and discussion of case studies, with an ongoing discussion of how to apply the training to cleaning staff in respective facility contexts.

The Training of Trainers course was a great success, the atmosphere was upbeat, positive and engaging and the networking across facilities resulted in rich discussions and problem solving.

Feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive with one participant commenting that: “The course is well structured and is very interactive, with a wide space created to openly spit out thoughts which is key to get other’s experience and to deviate from those bad practices”.

The week concluded with a presentation of certificates to the participants and a vote of thanks from the Ministry of Health, Horizons Gambia, Soapbox and the participants themselves.

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