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This weekend saw Aberdeen come alive with the fourth annual May Festival; a celebration of culture, food, science, sport, music and more. On Sunday 29th of May, Elphinstone Hall at the University of Aberdeen was transformed into the Hall of Mayhem, inviting children aged 4-15 to come and see all that it had to offer. Among the face painting, boat making, comic book creating, and fungus investigating, Soapbox was there to challenge the visitors on their handwashing skills, and give them the chance to make their own felted soap!

Our tippy tap and happy taps were on display for everyone to try, providing the perfect way to educate children (and parents!) about hygiene practices in low-income, rural environments with little or no access to running water or developed infrastructure.  The felted soap making also went down an absolute treat, offering children of all ages to design and create their very own soap pebbles. After all the suds and the hard work of handwashing and felted soap making, we asked our visitors to investigate the world of germs, becoming Microbe Detectives. Our short quiz had its answers hidden away, invisible just like the harmful microbes  on our hands, and only our detective torches could reveal the answers. A huge well done to the budding investigators that found all the answers!

With over 1,150 visitors to the hall, the day was an outstanding success. We’d like to thank everyone that attended, and invite you to share any stories or images of the day, or images of your felted soap – they should be all dried out and ready to use now!! Use the hashtag #FeltedSoapbox to share your May Festival thoughts and pictures with us.


The Soapbox Collaborative is an evidenced based Scottish Registered Charity, committed to saving lives with clean safe care at birth.  Established in 2012, Soapbox assists low-income countries to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals which aim to reduce the number of mothers and babies losing their lives to preventable hospital infections acquired during childbirth.  The Soapbox Collaborative work with overseas and UK partners to improve hygiene practices in maternity units with low cost simple solutions.