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Many thanks to Liz McLeod who has recently completed her MSc Global Health and Management placement with us. Liz conducted a literature review on participatory methods of training with low literate populations to identify the key elements of taking such an approach to training.

Through a number of needs assessments conducted across several countries, Soapbox has identified an alarming lack of formal training of domestic services or cleaning staff in low income countries and has developed a training manual in environmental hygiene and infection prevention that is to be adapted and piloted in The Gambia this month.

Training of these staff members has specific challenges as domestic services staff often have very little education and very limited reading and writing skills. This means we have to be a bit creative in designing ways to train these staff members who are critical to maintaining a clean and safe health facility environment. Following her literature review, Liz produced an interactive training tool based on photographs depicting ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ hospital environments which will be adapted for local use in the Gambia. We look forward to reporting on the results of the pilot in the next newsletter!